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STOCKade makes fencing

Staples for the STOCK-ade ST 315 and ST 315i

Fence Staples

Staples These are the same high quality products as used in their other nailing products.

  • These staples are made of 10 gauge (3.15mm wire diameter) hot dipped galvanized wire
  • Developed to withstand the driving force of these guns into the hardest wood materials
  • The divergent tip design provides added hold strength
  • The 315 staples are available in two (2) lengths:
    • 1-5/16"
    • 1-9/16"

Staples for STOCK-ade ST 315

Detailed Specifications for the 315 Staples

More about the STOCK-ade ST 315 Tool.

More about the STOCK-ade Impulse ST 315i Tool.

RUS Approved
USDA Rural (RUS Approved)

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